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Big Cat Fur

A lot of people don’t know/can’t tell the difference between fur patterns of big cats: so I will clarify. (:

First, the cheetah.

Notice the solid black close together spots. This is what cheetahs look like.

Second, the leopard.

Leopards have rosettes and darker fur color within the black spots, which differs from the cheetah’s coat.

Last, the jaguar.

Jaguars can look a lot like leopard’s fur, but the jaguar’s pattern has the black rosettes with black spots in the middle of them, making them different from the leopard.

I love big cats and I hate to see people get them confused, so hopefully this will help!

Sometimes mother wallabies will throw their babies out of their pouches when chased by a predator to ensure their own survival. Most animals would sacrifice themselves for their babies, but wallabies say screw that, take the kid, deuces.

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